Monday, May 03, 2010

The Other Blog Is For Reading . . .

Al Bidda Tower at Dawn by alexdpx, December 2009, Doha Qatar
My winning photo for GHD Global Pty. Ltd.'s Hot Shots 2010 Photo Contest under Property and Buildings Category.  Hot Shots 2010 is an annual contest organized by the company's Marketing and Business Development Services for it's employees of more than 5,000 worldwide.

If you want to see, this is the right blog to be.  Actually, this is not meant to kill-off, but rather to compliment Little Adventures.  This blog will be more of a photo-blog, showcasing some of the best from my various photoshoots, focusing more on visuals rather than texts.  That is the main reason for presenting this blog in this way, black background and wider format to allow the presentation of pictures in larger format.

Photoshoots will vary from fashion to portraits, travel to landscapes, or just about anything worth sharing.  My intention is to share them chronologically but I do have some old collections that I think are worth sharing.  So expect some of them to be featured here from time to time.

Final word, I reserve all the rights to the images featured in this photo blog as their sole copyright owner.  Please do not copy in any way and/or use them without my written permission.  Please let me know your purpose and I'll put it up for consideration and possible negotiations.  For now, enjoy!!


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