Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 ReBoot!

We are back!  Live!!!

Instead of starting a new blog to compliment my facebook page, I realized that this Lighting Adventures blog exists and has been dormant for so long.  (Three years!!!  Are you kidding me?!?!)  I've had some exciting projects and photoshoots in recent months that are probably worth sharing so, here we are back to this little corner in the web.  You might find interesting as well, and if you do, please, I would appreciate some feedback - comments, compliments or even suggestions.  Feel free to share the stories you liked.

While everything can probably be shared in Facebook, having them in a separate blog might be better where the interface of pictures and words can be more effectively organized.  So, if you have passion for photography and are interested in the thought-process and stories behind the pictures, you can start checking out this blog regularly from here on.  My intention is to share at least one (1) story each week . . . or probably more often especially if there is so much story to tell and my schedules permit.

You can also follow me on TWITTERINSTAGRAM, and also like my FACEBOOK PAGE.  Just click on the links to get there.  Click my name (below 'Cheers') if you want to see my 'portfolio worthy' (according to my taste, at least) photos.

Updates to this blog will be announced thru these 3 networks.    This will be more of a photo blog so expect less text contents and more pictures and drawings.


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