Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's In The Bag?

In a typical photoshoot, these are the basic gear I carry with me.  Sometimes there's more but never less.  Not shown in this photo but definitely inside the backpack pockets are the following:

- Multi-card reader
- ND grad filters
- power plug adaptors,
- colored gels
- USB cable
- small 5-in-1 reflector

I also have a larger bag of lighting kit (not shown in the photo) that contains:

- 2 big light stands
- 2 small light stands
- 2 Westcott soft boxes
- umbrella brackets
- tripod
- monopod

Not all of them are used everytime in a photoshoot but in an indoor environment shoot, many of them will be pulled out of the bag.

So that's me.  That's all of the stuff I carry around in a photoshoot.  I used to bring my laptop as well but thankfully I got that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now where I can copy Jpegs right after the shoot for instant viewing.

I'm working on reducing the amount of gear I bring to a shoot and hoping to one day shoot with only the X100S.  Until then, I'll be carrying this big backpack and everything inside it.


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