Sunday, November 03, 2013

Turn On the Lights

Red and blue outfit plus colored lights on skin and white background. All rights reserved by © Alex T. Atienza (alexdpx) 2013. Fujifilm X-E1.

Model Credits: Mhishei Cuerdo

There is lighting you create as a reaction to ambient to make it look like ambient.  And then there is lighting you create simply because it's cool.  Not the exact words but more or less what the great portrait photographer Gregory Heisler says.

Same location, same pose, same viewpoint . . . but . . . different lighting situation. Photo above was lit with just ambient and a warm gelled led continuous lighting at camera left. Below, we had a purple gelled hot-shoe flash in a soft box and another flash with a CTO gelled grid snoot high up at camera left aimed down to her face.

For the past few years, my style of lighting has usually been emulating ambient.  In other words, lighting as if without lighting.  Now I'm making a little shift in direction and would like to move towards cool lighting. Right now I find more difficult to do well.  Not sure if it really is more difficult or maybe it's new to me and might take some more practice before it becomes second nature.  But I like lighting this way, no doubt about that.  I'm gonna need more lights and gels.


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